Commissioner's Corner by John Caywood, Allen County Building Commissioner
John Caywood

I want to thank the HBA for the incredible morning we spent together with the birdhouse build. Kids arrived at the Construction Career Center to neatly organized stacks of birdhouse kits. HBA members were then paired up with a student to begin building their houses. I sure was glad there were enough safety glasses to go around as pneumatic nailers hung from the ceiling like snakes ready to strike their next victim. My fears soon subsided as FWCS Instructor Chris Roberts worked the room providing instruction, guidance, and encouragement as the teams worked on assembly, sanding, and painting. Teams finishing early were given demonstrations on masonry, CNC, and residential electrical circuits.

Pizza Hut and Maurine’s brownies ended the morning. As we handed out slices to the kids, I noticed the pizza inventory getting scarce and I pictured lunch on the Commissioner for our HBA volunteers, but everything worked out well. (If anyone sees Matt Momper, tease him because he showed up shortly before lunch.)

ACBD delivered the birdhouse to the students before dismissal as they needed an extra hour or two for drying. New residential inspector Ron Dantzer described the process of handing out students’ birdhouses as “something special to see.”

My thanks to Big C Lumber, Carter Lumber, Sherwin Williams, Pizza Hut, Aqua Systems, and HBA for making this a success. I look forward to a “2nd Annual” next year.

In other happenings, I made an appearance in front of County Council for additional overtime for 2017. This was easily approved, but more importantly, I had a preliminary discussion with Council Members about hiring an additional Electrical and Plumbing inspector. This idea was well received and I am planning on returning to the table for these two additional positions in June.

The IT company contracted with the County reported that they are nearly finished with the commercial remodeling permit process. Once designed, they will start on modifications to our system to allow for certain permits to be available instantly online. My goal was June 1, but that will need pushed back. If you come into the office, you will see that we now have two kiosks up and running. I have both residential and commercial building code links available. There are also links to the HBA for citizens wanting to find reputable builders in the area. County GIS and Building Department Rules and Regulations are also available on the kiosks.


John Caywood Building Commissioner

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