Commissioner's Corner by John Caywood, Allen County Building Commissioner
John Caywood

I am watching the construction field in Allen County with amazement right now. Running the total job values for permitting of all types, totals have exceeded 500 million for 2017. This includes all permits, both commercial and residential. It is anybody’s guess how long this growth can be sustained. We will strive to keep pace with inspections. Last week we whittled the list down to 33 inspections by the end of the day only to return in the morning to 265 inspections called in overnight.

We are taking applications for electrical, plumbing, and commercial structural inspectors right now. I hope to start interviews next week. With robust private sector employment opportunities right now, there is not quite the volume of applications for these positions. I also want to make sure these new inspectors will be able to provide the level of service to contractors that I expect. I also want these new inspectors to embrace technology so we move forward in efficiency.

The Building Department is working with the HBA on suggestions for IRC code changes in anticipation of a move to the 2015 version from the 2003. If the new code is adopted in some form, I plan to offer multiple seminars to help the building community understand what will be expected with any code updates. ICC offers this training and I will likely bring them in for these classes.

Finally, I am asking that contractors have their subs post their permits alongside the main permits if they are not already doing this. I will have inspectors leave reminder flyers at jobsites for now, but at some point this fall, we will start being stricter on this requirement. It is part of the rules and regulations that we have neglected recently. Let’s get our subs on board.


John Caywood
Building Commissioner

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