Indiana Quality Assurance Builders Standards

The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards creates a set of performance standards that homeowners and HBA member-builders or remodelers can use to communicate and understand each others' expectations. The "Builder Standards Manual" gives the home buyer and builder the same set of standards to measure the quality of the work.

The standards address the most prevalent issues that arise between the builder and customer before the project, during the project, and, most importantly, after the project is completed.

All too often it is the undefined expectations that create the majority of the problems encountered in the building and remodeling processes. The standards will help eliminate problems before the project even begins.

Scope of the Standards:
These standards are intended to be used as a tool by both the builder and the homeowner when questions arise regarding the new home and remodeling project. Prior to calling the builder, the homeowner should use the standards manual to determine if the particular concern is necessary. The builder should use these standards as the tool to determine what action is necessary to meet homeowner expectations created by the standards.
The standards presented were chosen to address the vast majority of the questions that arise in the course of the typical construction or remodeling process. The actual standards and the language used, along with the individual sections of the manual, were chosen to allow all parties a clear understanding of the potential issues and the standards that should be expected.
The standards do not constitute a warranty nor are they intended as a substitute for a warranty. In addition, the standards are separate and distinct from any manufacturer's warranties that may apply to materials and products used in the project.

General Information:
In Indiana, construction is governed by a process that requires all work to be done in compliance with locally approved, applicable building and related codes. In any conflict arises between the standards and the codes, as a matter of law, the code requirement will take precedent over the standards.
The performance standards apply only to contract work as specified in the contract documents, plans, and specifications for the project as provided by the builder. The responsibilities as listed in the manual are only applicable during the service period for the particular job or the part of the job addressed in each standard.
The service period, as used in the standards, is defined as a period of one year from the date of closing and/or final acceptance of the project, unless otherwise agreed to by the builder and the homeowner and noted in the contract.
The corrective measures and suggested methods of repair listed in the manual are not the only remedies to the observations mentioned.
Ask your HBA member builder or remodeler for a copy of the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards. Current members enrolled in the program are listed to the right. If you have questions, please call the HBA of Fort Wayne at (219) 420-2020.

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