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2015 Indiana Residential Code (IRC) Review

Keep up to date on 2015 Indiana Residential Code Review process. Our local Fort Wayne HBA Code Committee is working diligently on reviewing of codes for recommendations on updates and impact from the 2003 IRC moving towards the 2015 IRC. You can follow the progress of the State Committee review and which areas are being approved as is or amended by review the meeting minutes in the following link.

Building materials and equipment are being updated consistently to meet Energy Code requirements. Therefore, builders are continually utilizing best practices in construction today that are near to 2015 IRC requirements. Incentive rebates available to Builders and Homeowners help to offset building construction costs while still providing Homeowners with more cost effective monthly utility bills.

Cost impacts if the 2015 IRC is being adopted as is could potentially mean up to 30-40% increase over current building costs. That is why it is so important that we have experts in each of designated areas reviewing each chapter carefully to provide constructive feedback to help keep building costs to a minimum. Our code is in need of an update however not at the impact of rising construction costs that in turn make it more challenging for today’s homeowners to build.

The Codes review committee is be meeting approximately every month.  Chapters 8 Roof Ceiling Construction & 9 Roof Assemblies are on the agenda for the August 25th meeting. If time permits Chapters Chimney & Fireplaces as well as Chapter 11 Energy Efficiencies will be discussed. Please RSVP to the HBA Office if you would be willing to attend any future meetings. We need to focus in on getting our code up to date and keep building costs down for continued growth in the Housing Industry.

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