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Residential Building Code

This year the Residential Building Code will start to undergo a review process to determine whether to adopt to 2012 or 2015 or if adopting will it be amending or deleting aspects of the more updated codes. Regardless with each suggestion everyone is faced with submitting fiscal impact study.

“The suggested method is to estimate the cost increase/decrease would have on an affected project. That cost should then be multiplied by the number of similar projects constructed in the state in a calendar year.”

The questions to be posed are you prepared…… have you reviewed more updated codes……. are you ready for change??????

State to review these items to compare here are some free resources for you.
2015 International Building Code
2012 International Building Code

As we proceed through the code adoption process please keep these key things in mind that public health, safety and welfare are protected but above all that we are we are not creating undue hardships/cost burdens.

One key area being proposed in the newer versions is Fire Sprinklers for Residential One and Two Family Dwelling Units.

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