President's Pen by Jessica Scheurich, HBA President
Jessica Scheurich

Fall Back & Reorganize

Fall is upon us time to put everything to the grindstone pushing to get all projects under roof to keep construction strong through the winter!

This is the fourth quarter of the year and where did the time go? Spring and Summer came and went with what seems like a flash in this busy year we have all seen. It’s now time to fall back, reflect and reorganize to align ourselves to maintain and keep moving our businesses and industry moving forward!

1st Quarter – We got energized and started executing our business plan for the year with a competitive edge, speed and simplicity. Networking was the top of our priority list and getting all the leads into our funnels to get sales results multiplying.

2nd Quarter – Now we are gearing for ground breaking opportunities, peaking revenues and aligning our workforce to compensate business conditions. With business booming now we are faced with labor challenges that lead us to strike while the iron is hot to focus on retention of employees, subcontractors and recruiting students to the construction trades. While addressing these items we started to think of the Habits we develop to approach our business and partnerships to focus on the WIN-WIN. Learning to INSPECT what we EXPECT and empower people leading us not to micromanage but embrace our LEADERS!

3rd Quarter – The year half over but with construction stronger than ever we push to strategically plan our challenges of skilled labor and rethink building applications and processes in order to maximize efforts. Always proceeding forward we start to get involved with key individuals and rally to focus in on what makes our construction industry great and how to sustain this viable market as we proceed.

4th Quarter Time to Reflect
Was customer service at the top of your priority this year? Did you retain what was good about your business plan and weed out the items that did not add value? Where are you in terms of short and long term goals for the year? Are you ready to go the extra mile to meet or exceed those goals?

Wishing all of you a great finish to the year keep focused on preparation and planning for the NEW YEAR is coming fast!


Jessica Scheurich
HBA President

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