President's Pen by Jessica Scheurich, HBA President
Jessica Scheurich


It has truly been a blessing serving as your 2017 HBA President. I would like to formally say THANK YOU to all the Builder & Associate Members for all the hard work and dedication to the organization to keep the Construction Industry and our Community thriving.

Last month I spoke to the key aspects of what the HBA provides to you as members. So in closing up my year I would like to challenge all our membership to think about how would you like fit into roles within the HBA to strive towards the HBA’s Mission?

“Working together to build a stronger housing industry in Northeast Indiana”

Expanding and enhancing the HBA Membership to continue to improve the industry and our community by providing safe, quality housing means so many things to so many people. What does it mean to you?

Embarking and expanding, Orison Swett Marden quotes I would share: Organizational success is not measured by what you accomplish but in the opposition you have to encounter and the courage that you must take to maintain even when there is a potential for overwhelming odds. It is not one man nor woman who accomplished these things but it was what each man and woman contributed that makes this organization a success.

Our vision this year was to create an outreach to our students to show them that the Construction Trades were a viable career option. Through creating positive one-on-one relationships with team members in the community it is helping us achieve our goals. We are focusing in on members to be the driver in educating our students about different trades. By providing these powerful role models to our students we are creating a framework of “best practices” to help combat our reduced labor force for our future.

If you are not able to volunteer your time is there someone else in your organization that does have the ability? WE are IMPACTING futures by TODAY’S actions.

Again, it was truly my pleasure to serve you this year and I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Jessica Scheurich
HBA President

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