Fall General Membership Meeting

Location: Chestnut Hills Golf Club - 11502 Illinois Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46814

Date: October 15, 2020, 5:00–8:00 pm


Speaker Tyler Enslin

Subject: Mastering Your Memory

The human brain possesses an incredible amount of power to store and recall information. Unfortunately most people are never taught how to fully access this ability. In this fun and highly engaging training program you will learn unique and exciting methods to increase your memory skills to extraordinary levels. Most importantly, discover how to use these new skills in daily life. Instantly recalling people’s names, giving presentations without notes, and improved mental organization are just a few of the practical benefits from this intriguing program. Tyler delivers the training in energetic fashion with no notes or PowerPoint to encourage maximum audience participation and to impart as much value as possible to all who attend.

Election Candidate Appearance - TBD

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