2018 IRC: Proposed Rule Change - Amendments

October 9, 2019

The Indiana Fire and Prevention and Building Safety Commission has set tentatively scheduled a public hearing for the proposed rule of the 2018 IRC for October 11 in Indianapolis. IBA will notify members of the time and location of the public hearing once the notice is published.
This hearing is our last chance to impact what will be required for new construction in Indiana, starting January 2020 or 2021, depending on the process that will eventually end up on Governor Holcomb’s desk for his signature of approval or veto.

Our local committee involvement has been greatly appreciated by the state. Based on estimates provided by Fort Wayne home builders on the financial burden a change to stair geometry would have on first-time home buyers, the proposal to amend stair geometry to  7 ¾” for riser height and 10” for tread depth 3 years after the code goes into effect was removed due to fiscal impact. Unless the requirement is changed as a result of testimony at the public hearing or through additional rulemaking after the IRC is adopted, Indiana’s stair geometry will remain 8 ¼” for riser height and 9” for tread depth.

If you’d like to review the full document of proposed ruling, click here. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact Carlie at IBA.

Again, many thanks to our local committee for their time and input. The Allen County Building Department was also at our committee meetings, participating in discussion on all chapters. Thank you Commissioner John Caywood and your team.

Stay tuned.

Matt Momper
HBA of Fort Wayne Codes Chairman

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