Gov. Holcomb's Executive Order Highlights (20-18)

April 7, 2020

Governor Eric J. Holcomb issued a new two-week Stay-At-Home order on April 6 designed to limit interactions among Hoosiers to increase containment of COVID-19. Click here to see the executive order.

As a part of this action, Gov. Holcomb also extended orders for two weeks that limit in-person public activity at state government offices and put restrictions on the operation of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

“Hoosiers have done a great job adapting to the new rules put in place during this public health emergency, but I believe the next two weeks to month could be the most critical for all of us,” said Gov. Holcomb. “So I am asking you to take even more precautions: only make in-person purchases when absolutely needed and use other delivery and pickup options when available. Limit who is traveling with you and entering stores.”

While the Stay-At-Home order chiefly continues as is, modifications and restrictions have been made to limit interactions among people. Here are some highlights of EO 20-18:

  • Retail businesses that provide necessities of life may remain open but should limit the number of customers in the establishment at any given time; implement hours for elderly and other vulnerable populations, as well as limit hours of operation to restock and clean; and comply with all mitigation measures to protect employees and the public. A list of such businesses is included in the executive order.
  • All other retail business may remain open if they restrict sales to online or call-in ordering with delivery or curbside pickup.
  • Professional services should be conducted virtually or by telephone.
  • All campgrounds will be closed except for those who use recreational vehicles or cabins as their primary residence. State parks remain open to daily visitors.
  • Hoosiers are reminded that all public and private gatherings of any kind that include more than 10 people are prohibited.
  • All employers, regardless of type, must continue to comply with the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA) standards and safety and health standards established and enforced by IOSHA. IOSHA is actively accepting and investigating complaints of violations. The complaint process may be accessed at here.

In addition to IOSHA investigations, Gov. Holcomb has directed the creation of a multi-agency enforcement response team, led by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission to respond to and investigate other violations of the new order. Much like the enforcement of the restaurant, bar and nightclub executive order, this team will be charged with helping business owners comply with the order before issuing a directive to close a business.

To allow retail, campgrounds and other establishments to make adjustments, enforcement will not begin until 24 hours after the order takes effect. The effective date and time of the order is April 6 at 11:59 pm.

The Critical Industries Hotline will be available M-F from 9 am to 6 pm EST to respond to business and industry questions about whether a business is considered essential. The center may be reached by calling 877-820-0890 or by emailing

Answers to frequently asked questions and instructions to file for COVID-19-related unemployment are available at

An updated Stay-At-Home Order FAQ may be found here. Please refer to this FAQ page for guidance and clarifications.

Click here to download public service announcements (PSAs) recorded by the state for your use.

More information may be found at the ISDH website and the CDC website.

This information was received from Senator Justin Busch. We are simply re-distributing information.
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