Big Change from Board of Directors

June 7, 2019

This is probably the biggest change in Building Department Policy in a while, so read carefully. Effective immediately by unanimous board vote, all lapses in licensure do not need appealed to the board anymore. Early in 2019, the Building Department Board of Directors heard numerous appeals from contractors and tradespeople who allowed their license to lapse. Typically, this meant having to retest in order to get the license restored. Now, former license holders who let their license lapse and were in good standing with the department can pay the years missed as well as the current year and be restored without appeal. This is limited to those who lapsed in the current version of the code they are licensed under. The effective dates of all codes enforced are listed on the building department website.

I think this is a positive move from the board and shows a lot of common sense. When we have companies in business for decades with no violations who forget to send in renewal or an experienced tradesperson who switched companies and lose credentials, it hurts our local building economy. With that said, one point to clarify to all license holders in Allen County is that the Building Department does not send annual renewal invoices. Licensees make a mistake when waiting on something from the Building Department. What gets sent out is a courtesy letter in first class mail to the last known address provided by the applicant. We will continue to send a courtesy letter, but it is not a requirement of County code or rules and regulations.

While this policy change is effective immediately, it is also retroactive for anyone meeting the criteria to apply for renewal in Allen County.

John Caywood
Building Commissioner

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