Codes Junction: By Jessica Scheurich

April 4, 2018

Lots of Great Action happening with Codes and Variances!
Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission will be on a search for technology services to allow applicants the ability to have remote access verses attending all day meetings. Until such time a new process in which all applicants that reside outside of the immediate Indianapolis area will be put on the agenda first to allow them to be heard allowing them to proceed back to work the remainder of the day. In the past applicants have often attended the meetings and could potentially sit the entire day before being able to present and be heard on their variance application. The Commission will also start implementing time restriction for presentation of variances. Moving forward the applicant or representative will now have 5 minutes to quickly present their variance application to the commission. This process is to assist with the processing of more than 60 plus applications monthly.
For Local Units of Government there is new recommended process for submitting building ordinances. There is an overview of the Commission’s program for Ordinance Review and Approval posted on the website. Any jurisdiction interested in adopting a fire safety or building law will have help to guide them through the process prior to their adoption as to not cause delays once it is presented to the Commission for review and approval.
Indiana Elevator Code Committee will begin review for updating Elevators, Escalators, Man-lifts and Hoists. You will be able to follow scheduled meetings and or meeting minutes on the website. Their Orientation Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 9a.m.
For more information on the Ordinance Review and Approval or the Indiana Elevator Code Committee:
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Home Builders Association of Fort Wayne – Past President, Codes & Program Committee
Indiana Fire Prevention & Building Safety Commission-Commissioner
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership – Permitting Taskforce

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