Codes Junction: by Matt Momper

September 4, 2018

The code committee will meet September 10th at 11:45 am at the HBA Office to review Chapters 19 through 24. We will compare the 2003 with the amendments codes that we are currently using to the proposed 2018 New Code. This will be the committees 4th meeting for review with 3 meetings left to complete. If you see any changes that effect the building process by adding time and more costs, please let us know.

I would like to thank John Caywood of the Building Department and his staff for their input through this process, along with those in the industry that have weighed in on chapters where they are the experts. It is with great concern that we safeguard our Home Building industry and not add time and cost to the building procedure with no real added benefits. There is no doubt in the state and Northeast Indiana that our homes are built with top quality materials, workmanship and to or above code.

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