Commissioner’s Corner: By John Caywood

April 30, 2018

Signs Everywhere!

This time of year we begin to see signs. The birds chirping are a sign of spring. Political signs pop up like dandelions all over. I even see open house signs for our new construction completed over the endless winter season. Whether good or bad, signs have a purpose. That purpose is to inform or provide information to the reader. Lately I have been asked by inspectors if I would put out a request to our building community for more signs. Beginning with new streets in new additions, the lack of installed signage can cause confusion for both inspectors and vendors delivering product. I recall driving a Wolohan delivery truck in my younger years delivering framing packages to new additions. It was always a relief to see that someone had taken time to paint a lot number on a scrap piece of blue-board. I hated picking up a frame package by hand if a lot was mis-marked. Once a house is framed, it is usually easy to determine the lot number and address off the building permit hanging in the window. My inspectors have had problems at the concrete stage lately. I reached out to several builders and they posted the lots within 24 hours. We appreciate the cooperation resolving these issues as they arise.

We are now accepting building permit applications up to 4:30 p.m. I have moved resources around so if you are in the door by 4:30, we can assist you at the counter. Lines have been longer now the weather has improved. Two clerks are now scheduled until 5:00 p.m. We have also added another permit specialist to help with the volume and she will start May 8th. We also welcome another commercial inspector who starts May 8th also.

I will be discussing with the Commissioners the possibility of having internships for students of IVY Tech’s construction program. Having a second year construction management student assist with some basic inspections will decrease waiting times while supporting training in the trades for our community.

Finally, we appreciate your patience in the licensure processing. I have staff working overtime to complete this process. I am considering having a multiple year renewal process to ease the burden. This will be discussed at the next Building Department Board of Directors’ Meeting.


John Caywood
Building Commissioner

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