Commissioner’s Corner: Framing Materials, Journeymen & Permitting

July 31, 2018

We are officially complying with the new law reporting the use of “advanced framing materials” in new construction and remodeling. What does this mean for the builder? Thankfully, it just means one more bit of paperwork to complete when applying for a permit. We are looking for usage of the engineered joists and roof truss systems that have an ASTM rating of less than one hour. Most LVL headers do not need to be reported because their rating exceeds one hour.

The purpose of this law is to inform first responders that the house may contain this material and they can take appropriate precautions when entering the structure in an emergency. This affidavit should be attached to online applications soon. You can print it from the county website, along with other affidavits for the building department. These forms are sent to the 911 call centers on a daily basis to be added to the address.

In other news, the Building Department Board of Directors held a special meeting on July 19 to discuss the shortage of journeymen in Allen County. There are currently 389 HVAC and 679 electrical journeymen registered in Allen County. The decision was made to keep the rules and regulations regarding having journeymen on job sites as a requirement. It is evident that we, collectively, need to keep encouraging people to enter the trades by vigorous promotion. I do want to stress the fact that while Prometric gives pen and paper tests once a quarter, Pearson Vue offers many tests weekly. Please contact ACBD if you need clarifications on testing. Kylene Cross is our licensing specialist and happy to point you in the right direction.

Lastly, permitting looks to top last year again with no end in sight. Everyone hang in there!

John Caywood
Building Commissioner

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