Contractor Selection Guidelines

February 27, 2018

Before you look for a contractor, think your project through from start to finish. Decide how you would like your finished project to look and how you will use it. Keep in mind colors, textures, lighting, storage and special needs.

Be prepared to tell the contractor specifically what you want. They will transform your ideas into reality using expertise and professional knowledge, but only based on how much information you initially supply.

It is recommended that you solicit two to three bids for your project… do not automatically accept the lowest bid! Make sure all bids are based on the same set of plans and specifications. Discuss the bids in detail with the contractor to make sure you understand the reasons for any variations of the price. Sometimes a higher price may be worth paying, if the materials to be used are of higher quality or the work more extensive. For example, if you are having your kitchen remodeled and one bid is based on installing prefabricated cabinets in standard sizes and another bid is based on installing custom-made cabinetry, the prices will not be compatible.

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