Energy Code Compliance Takes Effect October 1

August 6, 2020

I think August is my least favorite month of the year.

By this time, I’m tired of the heat and humidity. At most I look forward to cooler fall weather and the beginning of festivals and other events through the end of the year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has taken that from us this year.

The pandemic has also wreaked havoc on our orderly adoption of the new residential code. I know we are looking forward to joining HBA at the end of the month to have a question and answer session. We have not scheduled any sessions hosted by the Building Department due to social distancing challenges.

However, please note on your calendars that October 1, 2020, is the hard date for energy code compliance enforcement becoming more robust. All permits pulled on or after October 1 must be accompanied by the energy survey paperwork. Asking for it on the front-end will help reduce calls to the office to amend permits. Please reach out to your subs affected by this requirement, especially those subs who do not utilize technology as part of their daily routine.

We continue to evaluate new products presented to us by suppliers to assess whether these products are meeting the new code. So far, we have reviewed Gator Bar, certain bollards for use in the garage, rated pull-down stairs, and FJ engineered products for use in horizontal applications. We strongly suggest having your supplier contact us with questions and concerns about any product.

Next month’s article will address the licensure versus registration topic and give closure. This matter is scheduled to be voted on by the Building Department Board of Directors in August provided there is a quorum.

Thank you,
John Caywood
Allen County Building Commissioner

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