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March 2, 2020

Our Mission:
The Home Builders Association of Ft. Wayne, Inc. supports all segments of the residential building industry through advocacy, education, workforce development, networking and community involvement.

To carry on from last month and our Strategic Plan, lets focus specifically on events and networking. While membership is important, it’s also important to get something out of being a member. Let’s take a moment to look at our event and networking arm of the Strategic Plan.

Event Networking Pillar
Increase the number of members that attend events and use social media to promote and show off the events.
How many events did you attend last year? Why was it that number? Can you double it this year?

The HBA offers a plethora of events, some are even free to attend so that if cost is a factor in you being involved , we crush that obstacle. Let’s strive to grow our attendance at events and take advantage of those opportunities to meet more people and build your network. The more people we have showing up to events, the more we hear about the other pillars of our plan and how to help our members with any problems they may be having.

Visit the events tab of our website to see upcoming events. We also put them in our Friday Flash emails and the Impact newsletters!

Social media is another aspect of our networking arm. Be sure to follow the HBA’s Facebook page, and like and share our posts to raise awareness of what’s going on in the industry and within our network. And, follow fellow members! I know I look forward to seeing short clips of members highlighting events they’ve been working on. Look for more on social media next month.

Event networking is as important as all the other pillars of our plan, as it helps us grow in other areas, including membership, workforce development, government-regulatory affairs, public relations.

All of these pillars come back to membership. We need to focus on the retention of our current members. If you’ve recently recruited someone and are planning on attending an event, invite them to join you. You may just be the touch-point they need to remain a long-term member. Through our networking events along with several other touch points throughout the year, the HBA’s goal is to remain top of mind of our members. If you have questions about something, please feel free to reach out to me and I’ll do all I can to assist.

My goal in showing you this is not only to be held accountable, but to show you everything going on if you were not aware. Where do you think you could get plugged in? Maybe its just asking one prospective member a month to join and now you have another reason why.

Have a great month everyone,
Greg Gerbers
HBA President

Contact Me by phone at (260) 969-1311 or email at

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