Mixed Bag of Info

March 7, 2019
  1. We are holding a Lunch & Learn on March 7th from 11:15 am to 1:00pm at the Tincap’s stadium. Our topic is navigating the remodel permit process for commercial buildings. I know there are some contractors who have both commercial and residential contracting interests. There will be a lot of information not only from Building Department staff, but also other department heads as they relate to the commercial remodeling process.
    Contact Lori Harvey at the BCA by March 1 to reserve your spot!
  2. We have an opening for another plumbing inspector effective March 8th. If you know someone who is qualified and fits what we want to see in an inspector, have them apply.
  3. Requests for temporary occupancy are available through the inspectors. While this is primarily for commercial construction, it happens to occur in residential from time-to-time as well. This is not for human occupancy, but more for moving in equipment, setting up data systems, or stocking shelves. Some of you have been given a “letter of commitment” for residential when something happens like a bath vanity does not show up on time or possibly a range hood is back ordered. These are still available on a case-by-case basis as we recognize how the high-volume building climate can create log jams with suppliers.
  4. Builders should be aware of land use requirements that are conditional on receiving the Certificate of Occupancy. We are not able to issue the C of O over a hold from another department. Be aware that the rules and regulations state that a C of O can be issued three business days after request, so plan accordingly. (Keep this in mind for the Town & Country Tour coming up in April!)
  5. We are seeing more open lofts and other unguarded safety hazards as we conduct inspections. Please make sure you are taking the time to make your site safe and OSHA compliant. Limit your liability and prevent failed inspections by ensuring proper safety measures are in place to protect open stairwells and lofts.

Best Regards,
John Caywood
Allen County Building Commissioner

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