Planning for Times Ahead

October 14, 2019

I am seeing more and more crossover of residential and commercial work among contractors with demand for contracting professionals remaining high in Allen County. I will try to focus my monthly blog to offer something helpful to both fields when I can.

Remember, we will soon be sending out license renewal letters. My hope is this will be the last year we will keep paper files. My goal is to have all records in digital format next year, allowing for license renewal online. I am attempting to discontinue the service charge associated with using a credit card for online transactions by absorbing the fee into the permit cost. Stay tuned in 2020 as changes are made. We will put out information if and when the service charge goes away. The hope in renewals is that journeyman licenses and other licenses, once considered subordinate licenses, can be renewed by the individual or the company. This makes the individual responsible for renewal and not the company. These changes are needed since our records don’t update when a journeyman moves to another company.

For those who do not know, ACBD is starting to take photo documentation on failed inspections not involving life-safety. Contractors wishing to participate in this opportunity must first contact the residential inspectors for approval. Photos of the corrected violation can then be sent to the inspector for review. Be sure to include the correction tag in the photo. This option is currently limited to residential inspections only but will soon be available to commercial and trades projects. We are implementing this process one area at a time to ensure success. The process is completely handled by email, preventing wasted time and resources for both the contractor and the inspectors.

November will be our next contractor class covering fire-stopping, drafts-topping, and fire-blocking. Improvements in products and what we see on inspections is pointing to a need to have some clarification on what is required by code. We will also discuss the proper damper installation and problems we encounter. This part of code is one of the primary reasons for framing inspection failures in Allen County.

Finally, October 8 will be the last day for Deb Lake as our Office Manager. We wish her well as she goes into the private sector. As we look to hire a replacement, please use in the interim for any e-mail inquiries.

Best Regards,
John Caywood
Allen County Building Commissioner

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