PROPOSED: IRC Draft for 2020

June 7, 2019

At its April meeting, staff to the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission presented the proposed draft rule to update the Indiana Residential Code and advised the Commission that the request for an exception to the regulatory moratorium was filed with the Office Management and Budget (OMB). I’ve included links pertaining to the proposed draft rule the fiscal impact analysis of the changes the review committee provided to the commission.

Links to the documents for review:

Provided OMB approves the request for an exception to the regulatory moratorium, the notice of intent to adopt the rule will be filed and a public hearing will be scheduled.

Since there is a statutory mandate to adopt a new residential code by January 1, 2020, there will be a new code—it’s just too early in the adoption process to say what the new requirements will be.

I encourage members to review these documents. Let the IBA Code Review Team know your questions or concerns. Better yet, if you are an expert in a certain area, testify at the Public Hearing, support the good changes, but fully explain and provide documentation to support your views why a change would be costly or detrimental to the building process. Members, this is our industry, our livelihood, and our great state! Now is the time to step up and help steer the ship of change for the future.

Once we know the schedule of hearings, we will post a notice.
Have a safe and productive summer!

Matt Momper
HBA of Fort Wayne Codes Chairman

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