Strength in Numbers

September 5, 2019

Welcome everyone to September. It doesn’t feel like we are turning the page on summer this month and looking into fall. But the calendar doesn’t lie, no matter how much I feel like it should still be June. This month is a busy one here, and I’ll touch on some of our events and opportunities.

But first, I do have a topic I want to present for thought. When faced with a shortage of homes, one of the main focus points you will hear talked about is, “Housing Affordability.” I won’t define that term here, but each market is going to have a different home price that falls in to the “affordability” category. Why is this important? Well, it directly relates to what the Home Builder’s Association works to accomplish. As an organization, we lobby to keep unnecessary regulations away from the home building industry, or regulations that can greatly increase the price of a new home, in so doing, pricing Hoosiers out of homes. I will use fire sprinklers as an example here, recently the IBA was able to lobby to keep these out of new home construction in our state. While safety is always important, the average cost of installing a fire sprinkler system was estimated to be $7,000.00. That isn’t a small number, and when we relate it to housing, you can see just one example that helps lead to a housing affordability problem.

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This organization is full of members that require a building industry for their success and viability. Part of our dues goes to help pay staff at the state level battling for us to help keep homes as affordable as possible. If you know a builder in our area that is not a member, show them these statistics, have them contact us here at the HBA. Because we are already working on their behalf, and if we were able to grow our numbers in membership, the more we are able to accomplish. Strength in numbers applies to us in this industry.

This month we will be having our second home show of the year. 11 homes will be on tour in the inaugural Builders’ Showcase. While similar to our fall town and country home tour of year’s past, the Builders’ Showcase will offer more of a parade feel while still being a scattered tour. Homes are required to have a minimum of three rooms staged offering potential prospects an even better opportunity to feel what a home may feel like to them.

We also will be having our Build PAC golf outing this month at Coyote Creek. This outing helps us contribute to the state PAC fund, which ties directly back to what we are able to accomplish as an organization. There are some slots still open for teams or sponsors, so please contact Beth or Lyndsi to enter a squad or to sponsor our event.

Have a great month everyone,
Tyler Kees
HBA President

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