The Infamous She-Shed and Other Residential Accessory Structures

November 6, 2020

Below, you’ll notice a guide sheet for accessory structures in order to clarify structural details. The infamous “she-shed” is becoming popular, and we receive many questions about them.

These structures should not be allowed for living quarters of any kind. This is not being issued due to the tiny house reference in new code, as land use in Allen County still retains minimum square foot requirements.

Keep in mind that policy is now in effect that states all SFR permits require all energy code path documents time of application. This is now consistent with neighboring counties and will help with timely C of O issuance.

Finally, please remember to keep lot numbers marked as winter approaches. We are seeing slabs going in on lots to beat the snow, and many are awaiting lumber pricing to go down soon as well. Marking the lots helps us keep the correct inspections on the correct houses.

Thank you,
John Caywood
Allen County Building Commissioner

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