Vision 2020: Membership

July 8, 2020

Our Mission:
The Home Builders Association of Ft. Wayne, Inc. supports all segments of the residential building industry through advocacy, education, workforce development, networking and community involvement.

Keeping our Strategic Plan in mind, this month I’d like to focus on our membership pillar once again. We have implemented a “Why I’m a Member” video series to help illustrate the benefits of membership from your mouths. Today I am asking for your assistance in sending me or Beth a short, one-minute or less, video explaining why you’re a member. These short clips will be shared on our social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and our Friday Flash emails. Your “Why” video may be the reason someone remains a member or joins the HBA.

To help you get started, here are some questions you may consider addressing in your video clip.

  1. Why did you first join the HBA?
    Were you asked by someone, wanted to get involved, or another reason?

  2. How have you been able to get involved in the HBA?
    What committees, events, rebate programs or learning sessions have you attended?

  3. Why should someone else get involved?
    What are the benefits you find most valuable for a potential member?

  4. What have you learned through your HBA membership?
    Have you been able to keep current on codes, OSHA regulations, other industry changes or related items?

Discussing the value of membership with your contacts may be just the thing someone is needing to commit to becoming a new member or re-committing to the Association. And, as things begin to re-open, we hope to see you at one (or several) of our upcoming summer events – see page 19 for more details on upcoming events. Boozy Bingo is the perfect event to invite a potential member to. They are also welcomed at our New Member Breakfast to learn more about the Association prior to joining.

We understand time is tight for everyone, and these unprecedented times have caused us to continually look for new ways to get/keep members involved. Your video, or written testimonial, would be greatly appreciated and I want to personally THANK YOU for your membership. You are appreciated!

If you have a question about something, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do all I can to assist.

Have a great month everyone,
Greg Gerbers
HBA President

Contact Me by phone at (260) 969-1311 or email at

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