Vision 2020: Programming & Networking

August 4, 2020

Our Mission:
The Home Builders Association of Ft. Wayne, Inc. supports all segments of the residential building industry through advocacy, education, workforce development, networking and community involvement.

To carry on from last month and our Strategic Plan, let's focus specifically on how and where you can get plugged in. Whether it is a committee, golf outing, Meet Me at 5, Builders’ Showcase or one of the many other events, we have a spot for you to get involved. The first step is simply to ask Beth, Rebecca, myself or any board member and we will help align you with your interests and strengths.

Sometimes we have so many things to offer that one might not even know where to begin. In this case, it’s a good idea to revisit a new member breakfast where Beth walks through many of the benefits and opportunities presented to our local members. She also discusses the 3-in-1 membership consisting of local, state and national affiliations.

Upcoming events include Boozy Bingo, Builder Breakfast, Builders’ Showcase and Codes. You are also able to invite a potential member to our New Member breakfast and Boozy Bingo. Follow the calendar on our website at

My goal in showing you this is not only to be held accountable but to show you everything going on if you were not aware. Where do you think you could get plugged in? Maybe it’s just asking one prospective member a month to join and now you have another reason why. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do all I can to assist.

Have a great month everyone,
Greg Gerbers
HBA President

Contact Me by phone at (260) 969-1311 or email at

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