Winter Wonders

February 7, 2019

Winter is surely here! Today as I compose this month’s Commissioner’s Corner, I sit alone in the office at 10:00 a.m. due to the extreme temperatures we have today. Some of my staff has been out assisting local fire departments as we respond to increased fire calls. One thing that this cold weather eliminates is dealing with mud. The reason I bring this up is because we purchased boot covers for all our inspectors. These are the good plastic covers that will not allow moisture to bleed through. We have reminded inspectors that we are responsible for any mud that is dragged across newly installed flooring as a result of an inspection. I expect my staff to treat your jobsite in a manner that leaves no trace that we were there except for the stickers we leave in the panel. I see this as my own home is under construction. I find myself picking up food wrappers and cigarette butts left by subcontractors and wondering if people treat their own homes this way. If you ever have an issue, please contact me or my assistant, George Smith.

For those contractors who also do some commercial remodeling, there is a new application process in place. It is now more like new commercial construction applications in the fact there is a review process prior to permit issuance. We are reminding applicants of existing ordinance requiring plans, drawings, or sketches with applications. Don’t be too concerned with this requirement though, as we are not always looking for plans drawn up and stamped by a professional. Some minor commercial remodeling projects can be easily represented on a standard piece of paper where the applicant draws out a plan view of the project labeling dimensions and scope of work. Many applicants can accomplish this in short order and scan the paper in if applying online or simply turn it in with over the counter permits in the office.

Finally, we have installed a ticket dispenser at the entrance to the office. You will notice the digital counter above the clerks’ station. Instead of waiting in line, you can come in, grab a number and have a seat while waiting for the next available clerk. We thought this would help some of you multi-task while waiting for a permit or renewal. License renewals will continue to be processed along with building permits, so please be patient as we complete approximately 7,000 renewals this year.

John Caywood
Building Commissioner

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